Myth - You can bring fresh air into a room and vent dirty or stale air to the outdoors by turning on your window air conditioner. 
False - Window air conditioners do not exchange air with the outdoors. They cool and recycle the air within the house only. On models with a vent, when open, only a percentage of the inside air is exhausted outside and is not replaced by the unit.

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Myth - Dishes need to be "pre-rinsed" before being washed in a dishwasher.

False -  Pre-rinsing can actually harm your dishes because the concentration of alkaline in the dishwasher detergent becomes way higher than normal. After all, detergent is made to clean stuck-on grease and grime, so without bits of food to attack, the alkaline level, now higher than normal, attacks your dishes, making them appear cloudy, scratched and in some cases, etched. Scrape don't rinse, let's not leave a half-eaten sandwich on your plate and put it in the dishwasher.

Myth - My window air conditioner needs to be 'recharged' each year to work effectively. 
False- Household air conditioners should never require a refrigerant recharge. The gas travels in a sealed system and should never escape unless damage is done to the system. If your unit is not cooling as well as it did before, it likely only needs a professional steam/chemical cleaning. Older car air conditioners are different and may require periodic recharges.

Myth - Refrigerators are suppose to add coldness to the food inside of it. 
False - Refrigerators do not add cooling, they actually remove heat from the food and the air inside the unit. This heat is then transferred to the exterior condenser and is absorbed by the air in the room.